neither here nor there from the air…

a moment of clarity, a reckoning a few mornings ago…and it was neither here nor there from the air, recollecting and waxing poetic on the waning almost new moon…. soon…some celestial triads or alignments, some kind of cosmic rearrangement, some recombination of previous people, events, places…sometimes familiar but sometimes strange. energy shifts and continental drifts coming to a head, and as you lay in your bed so far away from the idea of home and belonging to no one and no place, feeling them old feelings of being alone, unbeknownst to us both, everything that you knew about life before this moment is about to go out the window, it’s out of the black and into the deepest blue of these new skies, and no matter how hard you try every time you look into those eyes you see everything you ever secretly wanted and knew is all coming back to you, in spades and in Aces, of Cups and Wands and with The Moon and The Star and the planets to guide you on to that event horizon line you stop and look out with wonder and you know that everything is going to be just so fine…it’s time…

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