Ask yourself

“Will I burn in hell?”

Then write it down

And cast it in the well

There they are

The mob, it cries for blood

To twist the tale

Into firewood

Fan the flames

With a little lie

Then turn your cheek

Until the fire dies

The skin, it peels

Like the truth, away

What it wasI will never say

Bite your tongue, swear to keep

Keep your mouth shut

Make up something, make up something good

Holding hands

Skipping like a stone

Burn the witch

Burn to ash and bone

Burn the witch

Burn to ash and bone

Burn the witch

Burn to ash and bone

(lyrics, Queens Of The Stone Age ‘Burn The Witch’)


the Divine Feminine is rising. we are now in the time of Gaia and a different age with new perspectives and energies. the old programs and pogroms, which have been running and ruling in the current culture of violence, fear, scarcity, persecution, domination and control for the last 2000 years or so are starting to come undone. we are literally witnessing the death of the old age in real time, it’s being shoved down our throats and force fed and sold to us in unprecedented amounts right now because there are agencies, actors and organizations who have greatly benefited from the current situation…and they greatly fear change, they greatly fear losing power, and they greatly fear that divine rising. and they are also well aware that in the rising of the #divinefeminine, the Divine Masculine also rises…as does a culture of healing, and connectedness and consciousness. many of us who have sensed this sea change are turning away from the current model and are focused on regeneration, on spirit, on source, and looking inwards and into each other in a far more enriching and meaningful way. right now it’s easy to be afraid of the future but I swear to you that the future is far brighter right now than it has ever been…

as Timothy Leary said… FIND THE OTHERS.

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