I remember that night
I remember that song
I remember
We were both soaked to the skin
Before that flash of light in the sky
And the rain fell hard
Like I was
Pressed against your body
Thunder in my eyes
How I wanted you to ask me
To be undone

Your spine pinned
Against the rough bark of the tree
You opened yourself to me
I held you tightly
My mouth covered yours
Stealing your breath
Sheets of wet
Your legs around me
Pulling me inside
Into your depths
Aching muscles
The rain falling on us
The tree bark scratching skin
My heat plunging in
Your soft cries
The look in your eyes
Your makeup running down your face
Quickening my pace
Feeling your body tensing
Ready, willing, wanting

I watched you go
I let go
The thunder
The rain
Our bodies drained
Our hearts stained

Knowing something
With this
A kiss
Could never be the same

– spiritwolf

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