ode to ‘The Old Man’

I am reposting this because Father’s Day and it’s still very true…


preface: i have not written a single word for a while, apart to quickly capture some sketches on my recent road trip adventures, this one being particularly full of trippy stuff that shaped me and my story (more on the magic to follow). so, this on the fly post is is low-hanging fruit, sorta, expanding on something i said before.

to ron

OK so…The Old Man. my Dad. Ron. Ronnie.

Fathers, Fatherhood. Masculinity, Manhood. What a mess things are out there today in a world of newly minted labels, gender roles, feminism (or what’s left of it), all these individuals, groups and archetypes looking for validation and recognition and equality. Look critically at some of the so-called Leaders and Big Brains out there and tell me they represent something we want our sons to emulate and aspire to or our daughters to want in a future mate. Boorish thugs and playground bullies…

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