a love letter to my ego…

my dearest selfie,

we’re sorry that the spiritual and so-called ‘woke’ communities just want to beat you down, want to make it seem like you don’t belong or have a place in there somewhere, that you don’t serve a purpose, that i’m supposed to just ‘transcend’ you somehow.

they’re wrong.

because you have been important to my development as a complete and conscious human animal.

you’ve often protected me from painful things, and allowed me to be released from seeking the constant approval of parents, friends, family and lovers.

and you’ve made me aware that how i’m perceived by them isn’t my work, and i don’t have to manage that or be responsible for everything.

you’ve given me the ability to truly believe in myself, to promote myself, to understand that i can make a difference to people in my direct relationships and in the world at large. that i have seeds of greatness withing me and  that i have something to add, something to say, something to give.

you shown me that my humility and self-deprecation sometimes only serves to make myself smaller than i am.

you’ve taught me that service to myself is as important as service to others, and how critically important it is that i deeply love you and accept you just as much as i love others.

you’ve helped me understand that craving love, affection, attention and validation isn’t always a bad thing, that i love when my expressions and acts of service are recognized and praised by others.

you’ve been a guide when i’ve been dealing with my greatest fears and a driver on my way to my best success.

you’ve shown me that following what excites me and my own true desires are signposts to what my life’s purpose is supposed to be.

you allow me to be both simple and complex, to be very serious and very silly, to be messy and meticulous, and discerning and ridiculous.

you give me the confidence to walk my own path, to think critically, to see through bullshit and to not be afraid to be a wolf among the sheep.

thank you for allowing me to create my own world, to take responsibility for writing my own story, and reminding me how awesome that story has been, both in the good times and the bad.

you can’t always be in charge and it’s important that you aren’t, but i’m thankful that you’re here and that you are growing and learning with me.





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