LINK: “Judge Aquilina was iconic during the Nassar trial and deserves a major round of applause”

WOLF RANT : My response to all the fallout from the “#MeToo Movement” took a while to simmer. The handling of the Nassar trial by this Judge, and this article brought it all to a full on raging boil…so I’m going to bare my teeth…

This is overdue. There’s absolutely no reason or excuses for the behavior of this predator, and the organizations that protected him and enabled it need to be burned to the ground. “They” need to be made accountable and held responsible. SCORCHED EARTH.
This woman set an example here of how this shit should be dealt with. This woman showed how MEN need to be dealing with this issue.
It is Men who need to be stepping up and calling this stuff out. It’s Men who need to be generating the dialogue and having the conversation with other Men…it really is Men who should be organizing and Marching in the streets in protest against the fucking awful things WE ALLOW to be done by other Men. We enable our daughters, mothers, wives, sisters and friends to be exposed to fuckers like this.

Fuck it…I’m so over the politics of this stuff…this is not a Women’s Issue or about Feminism or whatever…not about Conservatism or Liberalism. This is about the sick, predatory behavior that exists in MEN that our silence condones, that we excuse, that we turn away from (or we Vote a known lecherous sexual predator into Office? Hello?).
Men, not women, need to be leading by example here.
Enough of the fucking Snowflakes and mewling Peter Pans and Lost Boys who are not even certain what it means to be a man…a REAL MAN. A Real Man will fucking eat you alive if you touch one of the women in his life or do or say something inappropriate that you would never say in front of your mother, and you will get put in your place (and prolly punched in the face) for doing so.
I’ve really had enough of the bullshit in the media about this issue…and I’m throwing down a challenge to all men everywhere to STOP PARTICIPATING IN THE CONVERSATION WOMEN ARE HAVING AMONG THEMSELVES (which yes they need to be doing) AND TO START TALKING TO ME, TO YOUR SONS, BROTHERS FATHERS AND BOSSES, IN LOCKER ROOMS, AT HOME, IN HALLWAYS, BOARDROOMS AND BARS.
Let the girls do their thing. We can best support them by being true to who we are and what the best things are about being A REAL MAN.

>> end rant <<


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