‘I’m Your Man’, Leonard Cohen

The first time I got to see Field Commander Cohen live was on the I’m Your Man tour. Up to that point he was just someone who I knew was good, very good, a very cool Canadian who was highly regarded and hugely influential on a lot of artists I was into at the time.  I remember being moved to tears at one point during the performance, and the girl who I was with on (a first date) looked at me like…well… suffice to say it was our last date. 
She didn’t get it. She didn’t get me (not even fucking close).

He became one of “my main dudes” after that performance.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to one of the greatest poets of all time. A man of intellect, a spiritual man and a true gentleman, a lover, a fighter, a believer in the power of words and songs and of the immaculate speech of the heart.

#Godspeed, sir.

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