late nights on air

memory screens the details the sounds that come drifting in late nights on air

through my head my heart echoes to make me think, feel, an empty stare

stealing back the time from the past and bound to

the things that bind to space and time default to that state, the taste sublime

she asked for me by name but never gave it back, she said give me some slack

well i said gimme fiction is spoon’s best album but you said ‘girls can tell’

she’s walked through hell places strange some sacred and some profane

she took this train and she let him have her or did she have it on him on some whim

but why, but no, can’t cry about it what’s done is gone, no secret song coming out of the

mountain gonna to save you, save me save yourself, you lose yourself find yourself all over

again, find your inner voice you always got a choice, baby don’t choose to hate

there ain’t no fate worse than not choosing

you’re losing me and it ain’t expensive but it ain’t free either nothing real ever is

that afternoon and the yellow sun you pulled me close and our so skin warm

the azure water and those long blue eyes where a tear would form, all that salt

to return to the sea elementally

except you are air it was so peaceful and still in that moment then and there

anyway you were close to it i could tell you wanted you want trust to let go from the get go

get gone from it to swim free from the ghost, the shell i found i had to dive down

but something inside needed to die, dove down deep for you and as it surfaced

as it all came up and you broke down you spilt you said i can’t, i quit

and i knew then like i know now you got to get down with that

lean into it instead of hiding in this empty aftermath your silent face and your eyes

told the whole story, everything until you get tired chasing your own tail you’re

doomed to fail over and over the patterns repeat but i will meet you there again sometime

you know the place but somewhere in between when something closer

to that halfway mark is past

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